How to Get and Style the Peso Pluma Haircut: A Guide to the Modern Mullet

peso pluma haircut

Introduction to the Peso Pluma Haircut

The Peso Pluma haircut, an innovative twist on the traditional mullet, is sweeping the fashion and music scenes alike. Made famous by the Latin music sensation Peso Pluma, this hairstyle has become synonymous with a bold, contemporary aesthetic that pays homage to retro influences while forging its modern identity. This guide explores the origins of the Peso Pluma haircut, its key features, and detailed steps on achieving and maintaining this distinctive style.

Understanding the Peso Pluma Haircut

peso pluma haircut

Characterized by its blunt bangs, shorter top and sides, and distinctively longer back, the Peso Pluma haircut embodies a playful yet edgy contrast that sets it apart from the classic mullet. This Haircut is not just a fashion statement; it’s a blend of personality and expression, mirroring the dynamism of its namesake. Before diving into how to get this Haircut, it’s crucial to understand its components:

  • Blunt Bangs: These bangs are straight across the forehead and are a bold frame for the face, providing a sharp, eye-catching element critical to the Haircut’s overall impact.
  • Shorter Top and Sides: This aspect of the cut keeps it manageable and modern, allowing for a sleeker appearance compared to the often unruly traditional mullet.
  • Longer Back: Maintaining length at the back preserves the spirit of the mullet, giving the Peso Pluma haircut its vintage flair and a rebellious vibe.

Why the Peso Pluma Haircut is Trending

peso pluma haircut

The Peso Pluma haircut‘s rise in popularity is tied to a revival of retro fashion that combines vintage charm with modern flair. Celebrity influence plays a significant role, with the artist Peso Pluma spearheading the trend through his distinctive style and music. This hairstyle symbolizes individuality and daring personal expression, making it particularly appealing in an era where personal branding is crucial.

The Haircut’s versatility and dramatic flair also contribute to its popularity. It allows wearers to showcase creativity and adapt the style to various tastes and hair types. Additionally, its alignment with current fashion trends that favor bold, graphic lines and mixed textures keeps it relevant and stylish.

Furthermore, the Peso Pluma haircut appeals to a modern ethos of blending past and present. It updates the classic mullet with modern styling techniques, providing a nostalgic yet fresh look that resonates with those eager to combine elements from the past while appearing current. This balance of nostalgia and innovation explains its continued presence in fashion trends.

Choosing the Right Salon and Stylist

The first step in adopting this stylish cut is selecting a skilled stylist who is familiar with the latest trends and has experience with similar styles. Not all stylists may be comfortable or familiar with the unique aspects of the Peso Pluma haircut, so it’s essential to choose someone who can execute the cut with precision:

  1. Research: Look for salons that showcase modern cuts and styles in their portfolios. Instagram and TikTok can be great platforms for finding and evaluating local stylists based on their work.
  2. Consultations: Book a consultation to discuss your desired outcome once you’ve shortlisted a few stylists. This meeting is a chance to assess their understanding of the cut and to see if their vision aligns with yours.
  3. Reference Images: Bring images of the Peso Pluma haircut to ensure everything is clear about what you’re looking for. This can help the stylist visualize precisely what you want.

Preparation Before the Cut

Proper preparation can distinguish between a good haircut and your perfect style. Preparing your hair and having clear communication can enhance your salon experience:

  • Hair Condition: Ensure your hair is in good condition. If your hair is damaged or overly treated, consider a conditioning treatment before getting the Haircut.
  • Be Specific: Be as specific as possible about what you like. If you want shorter bangs or a longer back, make these preferences known.
  • Styling Needs: Discuss your daily routine with your stylist. This Haircut can vary significantly in styling requirements, depending on its cut.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining the Peso Pluma haircut requires regular attention to keep it looking sharp:

  • Regular Trims: The Peso Pluma haircut’s distinct shape can grow awkwardly if not regularly maintained. Plan trims every 6 to 8 weeks to keep the style intact.
  • Appropriate Products: Use high-quality shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. Products designed for volume and texture enhance the layered look of the Peso Pluma haircut.
  • Styling Techniques: Learn styling techniques to help you manage your new Haircut. For instance, blow-drying with a round brush adds volume and style to the layers, while using a flat iron effectively styles the bangs and manages the longer sections.

Styling at Home

peso pluma haircut

To manage your Peso Pluma haircut at home and keep it looking fresh between salon visits, consider the following tips:

  • Texturizing Products: Use sea salt sprays or texturizing pastes to give your hair the correct grit and structure.
  • Curling Iron: For those with naturally straight hair, a curling iron can help create waves in the longer sections, adding to the playful contrast of the style.
  • Regular Washing and Conditioning: Keeping your hair clean and well-conditioned is crucial, mainly if you use styling products regularly. This helps avoid buildup that can weigh hair down.


The Peso Pluma haircut is not just a style; it’s a statement. It combines the rebellious spirit of the mullet with modern styling to create a retro and contemporary look. Whether you’re a fan of Peso Pluma or just looking to shake up your style, this Haircut offers a versatile and bold way to express yourself. Remember, the key to a great Peso Pluma haircut lies in a precise cut and meticulous maintenance and styling. Embrace this modern mullet and enjoy the best of both worlds!

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