Dallas Yocum: The Mysterious Ex-Wife of MyPillow’s CEO Mike Lindell

dallas yocum

Dallas Yocum may not be a household name, but her brief and tumultuous marriage to Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, Inc., certainly brought her into the limelight. Their whirlwind relationship, short-lived marriage, and subsequent controversies have left many curious about the woman who once held such a significant place in Lindell’s life. This article delves into the story of Dallas Yocum, her relationship with Lindell, and the aftermath of their split.

Meeting Mike Lindell

dallas yocum

Dallas Yocum and Mike Lindell met in 2011. At the time, Lindell was already known for his success with MyPillow, a company he founded in 2004 that had grown rapidly due to his aggressive marketing strategies and product quality. On the other hand, Yocum was relatively unknown, working in a role that would soon change as she became more involved in Lindell’s life.

The couple’s early relationship seemed promising. After dating for about two years, they tied the knot in June 2013. During their courtship, Yocum took on the role of director of customer service at MyPillow, a position that suggested a deepening personal and professional relationship with Lindell. However, the bliss of their union was short-lived.

A Marriage in Crisis

The marriage between Dallas Yocum and Mike Lindell lasted only two weeks, quickly becoming fodder for media coverage. According to reports, Yocum abruptly left Lindell, leaving him blindsided. The reasons for their sudden split were contentious and led to a public exchange of allegations that only fueled the media frenzy.

Lindell claimed that Yocum told him she never loved him and found him boring. These revelations were shocking, especially given the public perception of their seemingly happy relationship. Lindell, who has been open about his struggles with addiction and his subsequent recovery, portrayed himself as a victim of a calculated and heartless move by Yocum. He accused her of using him for his money, a claim that painted Yocum negatively.

On the other hand, Yocum accused Lindell of abusive behavior, which he vehemently denied. These allegations added a darker dimension to their split, suggesting that the problems in their marriage went beyond mere personality clashes. The truth of these accusations remains murky, as both parties have provided conflicting accounts.

The Role at MyPillow

dallas yocum

During her relationship with Lindell, Dallas Yocum was appointed as the director of customer service at MyPillow. This role placed her in a significant position within the company, aligning her professional interests with Lindell’s business success. However, Yocum stopped working shortly after their marriage, although she continued to receive pay from the company.

This arrangement raised eyebrows and led to speculation about the true nature of their relationship. Critics questioned whether Yocum’s role at MyPillow was more than just a professional position, suggesting that it might have been part of a broader personal arrangement with Lindell. Their financial entanglements added another layer of complexity to their already troubled marriage.

Post-Divorce Life

After the high-profile split, Dallas Yocum chose to maintain a low profile. Little information about her current activities is available, and she has retreated from the public eye. This retreat has only added to her mystique, leaving many questions about her life after Lindell unanswered.

Despite the controversies and public scrutiny, Yocum has managed to stay out of the spotlight, a feat in an age where personal details can easily become public. Her decision to avoid media attention contrasts sharply with Lindell’s continued public presence, as he remains a vocal and often controversial figure due to his political views and business ventures.

Controversies and Allegations

A series of controversial allegations from both sides marked the split between Dallas Yocum and Mike Lindell. Lindell’s claims that Yocum used him for money were particularly damaging, casting her as a gold digger in the public eye. This narrative was bolstered by the fact that she continued to receive pay from MyPillow even after she stopped working.

On the other side, Yocum’s allegations of abusive behavior by Lindell introduced a more serious element to the story. While Lindell denied these accusations, they suggested that the problems in their marriage were deeper and more complex than mere financial disputes or personality differences.

The public nature of their split meant that the media widely covered these allegations, further complicating the already contentious situation. The truth of these claims remains to be determined, as neither side has provided conclusive evidence to support their claims.

Media Coverage and Public Perception

dallas yocum

The media coverage of Dallas Yocum and Mike Lindell’s marriage and subsequent split was extensive. The brevity of their marriage and the dramatic nature of their allegations made for a compelling story that captured public attention. However, this coverage also contributed to a skewed perception of Yocum, often portraying her negatively due to Lindell’s claims.

Public perception of Yocum has been largely influenced by the narrative presented by Lindell, who has a much higher public profile. His version of events has shaped how many people view Yocum, often overshadowing her side of the story. This imbalance highlights the power dynamics at play and the challenges individuals embroiled in high-profile relationships with public figures face.

Lessons from the Yocum-Lindell Marriage

The story of Dallas Yocum and Mike Lindell offers several lessons about the complexities of personal relationships, especially when they intersect with business and public life. Their brief marriage is a cautionary tale about the dangers of rushing into commitments without fully understanding the dynamics.

For Lindell, the experience was a harsh reminder of the importance of trust and mutual respect in any relationship. His public comments suggest a betrayal and hurt that has undoubtedly impacted his personal life and possibly business dealings.

For Yocum, the marriage and its aftermath highlight the difficulties faced by individuals who become associated with high-profile figures. The scrutiny and judgment from the public and media can be overwhelming, especially when allegations and accusations are involved.


Dallas Yocum remains a mysterious figure, known primarily for her brief marriage to Mike Lindell. Their tumultuous relationship and the controversies that followed have left a lasting impact on their lives. While Lindell remains a public figure, Yocum has chosen to step back and maintain her privacy.

The story of their marriage offers a glimpse into the complexities of relationships played out in the public eye, revealing the challenges and pitfalls of such visibility. As both Yocum and Lindell move forward, their brief union serves as a reminder of the often unpredictable nature of love and the enduring impact of personal choices.

Despite the limited information about Dallas Yocum’s current activities, her story intrigues those who followed her brief but dramatic marriage to Mike Lindell. Her decision to remain out of the spotlight adds to her enigmatic presence, leaving many to wonder about the true nature of the woman who once stood beside one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in America.

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