Who Is Sabine Glenn? All About AEW Legend Sting’s Wife

sabine glenn

When it comes to the world of professional wrestling, few names are as iconic as Sting, whose real name is Steve Borden. With a career spanning decades, Sting has captivated audiences with his in-ring prowess and charismatic persona. However, behind the scenes, a significant part of his life is dedicated to his wife, Sabine Glenn. While Sabine may not share the same spotlight as her husband, her role in his life and their blended family is equally compelling. This article delves into the life of Sabine Glenn, offering a glimpse into her background, her marriage to Sting, and how she navigates her private life amidst the public curiosity.

Early Life and Background

Sabine Glenn was born in the 1960s, placing her in her late 50s or early 60s today. While detailed information about her early life remains scarce, it is known that she has a background as a certified professional trainer. This career choice indicates a strong commitment to fitness and well-being, values that undoubtedly play a role in her personal life and relationship with Sting. Despite her connection to a high-profile celebrity, Sabine has consistently chosen to maintain a low public profile, keeping her personal details largely private and eschewing social media.

Meeting Sting: A Love Story

Sabine Glenn and Sting’s paths crossed at a wrestling event, a fitting meeting place given Sting’s legendary status in the industry. The couple married in 2015, marking the beginning of a new chapter for both. This marriage is Sabine’s second; she has two daughters from a previous relationship. Sting, on the other hand, has three children from his first marriage to Sue Borden. Together, Sabine and Sting have successfully blended their families, navigating the complexities with grace and mutual respect.

Blending Families: Challenges and Triumphs

Blending families can be challenging, requiring patience, understanding, and a lot of love. Sabine Glenn and Sting have managed to create a harmonious environment for their combined five children. While they do not have children together, their commitment to each other and their respective children is evident. This blended family setup has been a testament to their ability to navigate life’s complexities with grace and mutual respect.

Sabine’s two daughters from her previous relationship and Sting’s three children from his marriage to Sue Borden have all found a place in their shared family dynamic. The couple’s ability to blend their families so seamlessly speaks volumes about their dedication to maintaining a nurturing and supportive home environment. This aspect of their life, though private, adds a rich layer to their public personas, showing that they are more than just public figures—they are committed parents and partners.

Sabine’s Role in Sting’s Life and Career

While Sting’s career has always been in the spotlight, Sabine Glenn has played a crucial behind-the-scenes role. Her background as a certified professional trainer has likely contributed to Sting’s fitness and overall well-being, allowing him to maintain his physical condition and prolong his career. More importantly, Sabine’s support extends beyond the physical; she has been a pillar of emotional strength for Sting, helping him navigate the pressures and challenges of a high-profile career.

Sabine’s influence on Sting’s life is profound. She provides a sense of stability and normalcy, which is crucial for someone constantly in the public eye. Her decision to keep a low profile helps maintain a balance between their public and private lives, allowing Sting to focus on his career while enjoying a peaceful home life. This dynamic has undoubtedly contributed to Sting’s sustained success and longevity in the wrestling industry.

Maintaining Privacy in the Public Eye

One of the most notable aspects of Sabine Glenn’s life is her commitment to privacy. Despite being married to a wrestling legend, she has managed to keep her personal life out of the public eye. This choice is particularly impressive given the intense scrutiny that often accompanies relationships with high-profile celebrities. Sabine’s decision to avoid social media and keep her personal details private has only increased public curiosity about her. However, it also highlights her desire to maintain a sense of normalcy and protect her family’s privacy.

Sabine and Sting’s choice to prioritize privacy in their lives has been a deliberate and thoughtful one. They understand the importance of separating their public personas from their private lives, ensuring that their family can enjoy a level of normalcy despite the fame. This decision has undoubtedly contributed to their strong and enduring relationship, providing a solid foundation for their blended family.

The Impact of Sabine Glenn’s Support

The impact of Sabine Glenn’s support on Sting’s life and career cannot be overstated. As a certified professional trainer, she has undoubtedly played a significant role in maintaining Sting’s physical fitness, allowing him to continue performing at a high level. Her emotional support has been equally important, providing a sense of stability and grounding in the often tumultuous world of professional wrestling.

Sting has often spoken about the importance of his family and the support he receives from them. Sabine’s influence is evident in his words and actions, as he frequently acknowledges the role she plays in his life. Her support has allowed him to pursue his career with confidence, knowing that he has a strong and loving partner by his side.

Life Beyond the Spotlight

While Sting continues to make headlines in the wrestling world, Sabine Glenn remains content with her life away from the spotlight. Her focus on family and maintaining a private life is a testament to her strength and character. Sabine’s ability to balance her role as a supportive wife and dedicated mother with her desire for privacy is commendable and serves as an example for others in similar situations.

Sabine Glenn’s life may not be as public as her husband’s, but her influence is undeniable. She has created a nurturing and supportive environment for their blended family, providing a strong foundation for their life together. Her commitment to privacy and her role as a supportive partner have significantly impacted Sting’s life and career, allowing him to continue thriving in the wrestling world.


Sabine Glenn may not seek the spotlight, but her presence in Sting’s life is both profound and significant. From her early days as a certified professional trainer to her current role as a dedicated wife and mother, Sabine has consistently shown strength, resilience, and a commitment to family. Her ability to maintain a private life amidst public curiosity is commendable and speaks to her character and values.

As the wife of AEW legend Sting, Sabine Glenn plays a crucial role in his life and career, offering support, stability, and love. Their blended family is a testament to their ability to navigate life’s complexities with grace and mutual respect. While Sabine may not be a household name, her impact on Sting’s life and their family’s dynamic is undeniable. In an age where privacy is often a luxury, Sabine Glenn has managed to carve out a space for her family that prioritizes their well-being and happiness above all else.

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