Deep Rock Galactic Crossplay Explained: How to Play Across Different Platforms

deep rock galactic crossplay

Introduction to Crossplay in Deep Rock Galactic

Gamers worldwide have shown great interest in “Deep Rock Galactic,” a first-person shooter game that allows for cooperative play and offers unique challenges and adventures that encourage team play in alien and cavernous environments. Given its team-centric gameplay, the feature of crossplay—or the ability to play a video game across different gaming platforms—is highly relevant. In this article, we delve into the details of crossplay within “Deep Rock Galactic,” explaining the different multiplayer capabilities across various platforms such as Xbox and Windows PCs via Microsoft Store, Steam, and PlayStation.

Understanding the Basics of Crossplay

Crossplay alludes to the ability of players using various gaming platforms to interact and play with each other online. The gaming community increasingly demands this capability, which often wishes to connect with friends regardless of the gaming hardware each individual owns. In games like “Deep Rock Galactic,” where cooperative play is a key component of the experience, crossplay can significantly enhance player satisfaction by broadening the potential player base with whom one can team up.

Deep Rock Galactic Crossplay Capabilities

Xbox and Windows PC (Microsoft Store)

For players on Xbox and Windows PCs using the Microsoft Store, “Deep Rock Galactic” supports seamless crossplay. This integration is facilitated through the Xbox Play Anywhere program, which enables playing on either platform with a single purchase and ensures that players on these platforms can join forces in-game without any barriers. If a player starts a game on their Xbox but wishes to continue playing on their Windows PC, they can do so effortlessly, retaining their game progress and playing with the same players online.

Steam Version Limitations

The situation is different for players who purchase the game through Steam. The Steam “Deep Rock Galactic” version does not support crossplay with Xbox or the Microsoft Store versions. This limitation stems from technical challenges related to the differences in how networking and multiplayer functionalities are implemented across these platforms. Therefore, Steam players are restricted to playing with other Steam users, which can be a point of consideration for new buyers who wish to play with friends using different systems.

PlayStation Platform Isolation

As of the latest updates, PlayStation users of “Deep Rock Galactic” do not have the option for crossplay with other platforms. This lack of cross-platform support is typical in the gaming industry due to the complexities of bridging different network and software environments. PlayStation players can only team up with other users on the same platform, which, similar to the Steam version, may influence purchasing decisions based on the platforms used by one’s social circle.

Technical Challenges and Limitations of Crossplay

Implementing crossplay involves various technical and logistical challenges that can be daunting for developers. These include:

  • Networking Differences: Different gaming platforms often use distinct networking infrastructures and protocols. Bridging these can require extensive modifications to the game’s networking code.
  • Marketplace Policies: Each gaming platform has policies governing online interactions and transactions. Aligning these policies across platforms can be complex and sometimes commercially unviable.
  • User Experience Consistency: Ensuring a consistent and fair gameplay experience across platforms with different hardware capabilities and user interfaces is a critical challenge. This includes balancing performance issues and input methods (e.g., keyboard and mouse vs. gamepad controls).

The Future of Crossplay in “Deep Rock Galactic”

The demand for crossplay capabilities in games like “Deep Rock Galactic” will likely increase as the gaming community becomes more interconnected. The developers at Ghost Ship Games have expressed their awareness of the community’s desire for broader crossplay support. While significant limitations exist, the potential updates could include more inclusive cross-platform features, especially as new technologies and industry standards emerge to simplify these integrations.

Optimizing Crossplay Experiences in “Deep Rock Galactic”

To enhance the gaming experience in “Deep Rock Galactic,” especially given its crossplay limitations, players should ensure all team members purchase the game on compatible platforms. Communication tools like Discord can bridge system gaps, facilitating better strategic coordination. Additionally, engaging with the game’s community through forums and social media can help players connect with others on the same platform. For Xbox and Windows PC users, leveraging the Xbox Play Anywhere feature is crucial, as it allows gameplay and progress to be shared seamlessly between the console and PC. Players can maximize their enjoyment and effectiveness in the game’s cooperative environment by employing these strategies.


For fans of “Deep Rock Galactic,” understanding the current landscape of crossplay is crucial for setting up the best multiplayer experiences. While the game currently offers limited crossplay functionalities, the situation is subject to change as technological and industry barriers are addressed. Players should stay informed about updates from the developers regarding crossplay capabilities and consider platform choices carefully based on whom they plan to team up with. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, the hope remains that more games will embrace comprehensive crossplay, ensuring that friends can play together regardless of their chosen gaming system.

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